Timber Wooden House

A 60m2 wooden house with impressive outdoor shower and pool set on rural land surrounded by endemic vegetation Besides the low budget, the challenge was to integrate an ecological construction that complied with the requirements and restrictions imposed by the town planning regulations in force on agricultural land, which didn’t allow proper foundations, nor footprints.The construction should also be easily removable. The only option was a house built on stilts and entirely autonomous, thanks to a well with lifting pump ensuring the water supply, solar panels providing power and septic tank for the residues. Although isolated in the countryside, the owners still wished for a comfortable home to spend most of the summer holidays with the children. Particular attention was given to the exteriors of the house by distributing living spaces according to the already implanted vegetation and the uneven terrain which was naturally divided between a lower and an upper ground with little sea view. The construction was done on the upper part with a generous roofed terrace at the back of the house shaded by endemic trees. Stairs lead onto a large and irregularly shaped deck structure along the vegetation ending with an massive outdoor shower built with stones found on the land. On the side of the house, the natural shaped terrace has been covered with sand giving the feeling of being on the beach which ends on an above ground pool integrated into rocks on the lower level of the land. These exterior features in accordance with a well designed interior offer a perfect home respectful of its environment. Using natural materials such as rock wool, wood and burlap and adding three reversible climate units made this house a perfect place for all seasons.

Project Detail

Bath Outdoor shower
Terrasse & Integrated Garden
With Beach Style Pool
Low Budget