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About us

Palm & Agua’s main activity started in Switzerland in 2007 with designing show flats for property developers. We know the major significance of a well-designed show flat comprising all the relevant details in order for the potential buyer to be able to project himself in what could turn to be his future home. Our focus doesn’t consist only in helping developers to achieve more sales, it does as well in designing well adapted spaces where families can evolve in harmony. Our field of activity covered mainly residential homes in urban areas and vacation homes in the Alps.In 2009, we extended our activity, starting with the renovation of an old large chalet in the French Alps. This was truly a new experience where we had to shift and adapt our skills from newly built off-plan apartments to an old existing building isolated on the mountains. The challenge was successfully achieved and a new sector of activity was added, that has become the main one since.With our experience, we have learned that renovation shouldn’t always been synonymous with great expenses. It’s amazing what can be done with just breaking a wall down, reorganising a living space, revamping a piece of furniture, enlarging by creating a window or using a play with light and mirror.There are many ways for improving a home. It just needs the right expertise. In collaboration with its team of experts, Palm & Agua LDA offers its long experience for a harmonious and desirable home reflecting the soul of its habitants. Palm & Agua is presently operating in Switzerland, France and Portugal. Our teams include expert collaborators in all areas of construction and design: plumber,electrician, mason, carpenter, cabinetmaker, painter, project manager, wax concrete expert,furniture restorer, interior designer, landscaper and architects for larger projects.Whether you wish to change your bathroom, renovate a property entirely or decorate your newly built living room, we are happy to assist!


Our mission

We build and design perfectly executed personalized habitats and spaces that meet individualized lifestyles, in all respect of sustainable and ecological building standards.

Our value proposition

We offer the advantage of being the unique point of contact, informed of every detail of each construction and design project nested in your dream spot.

Our Location

Palm & Agua is presently operating in Switzerland, France and Portugal precisely in the ultimate Algarve region. With its stunning scenery, exquisite properties, and world-class amenities, the Algarve is the perfect place to live out your dreams of a life of luxury.


To meet the demands of our customers, PALMEAGUA Houses has chosen the best specialists in every department of construction and design. All of them have been vetted upon their solid reputation and extensive experience.


Every family is unique, therefore PALMEAGUA Houses takes an active stance to listening to the family’s specific requests, while creating the desired dream home best aligned with their preferred way of living.


Each construction and design project is delivered in line with sustainable construction standards and aesthetics that can only enhance the new living environment.


Our unique style emerged from the fusion of urban and natural surroundings. Juggling earthy colors and materials, emphasizing space enlargement by eliminating the superfluous.

We Build Artistic Spaces

We produce custom designed spaces.